Delight Subscription Box

Delight Subscription Box

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You can edit, skip, reschedule and cancel subscription anytime.

Delight Monthly Subscription Box -  Delight Sub Boxes will be available in two options Bags or Shakers! 

Signups - Sign ups for Sub Box is  6th-12th of each month.  Delight Subscription Boxes will be shipped the End of Each month!

  • First to access new releases 
  • Oldie but goodie, Custom Mix Glitter or Limited Edition Colors
  • Reduced Pricing
  • Surprise bonus items
  • Limited Quantity
  • 10oz of Glitter every month!

Delight Boxes - Once you subscribe you will receive your box every month. You can cancel your subscription anytime from your Glitter Delight account. Customers that cancel their subscription box will open up a spot for others to be able to purchase the following month.

Discount Codes - This box is already discounted. Please do not use any discount codes or your box may be refunded and not shipped.

Shipping - Our Delight sub box can not be shipped with other products, PLEASE CLEAR OUT YOUR CART BEFORE PURCHASING OR YOUR BOX WILL BE CANCELLED AND REFUNDED.