Hot Fix Rhinestone Applicator Tool With 7 Tips

Hot Fix Rhinestone Applicator Tool With 7 Tips

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The 7 interchangeable Tips included are:

  • 2mm/6ss
  • 3mm/10ss
  • 4mm/16ss
  • 5mm/20ss
  • 7mm/34ss
  • 4mm flat
  • 9mm flat


  • Choose the correct size applicator tip for the stone size you will be working with. If unsure place the tip over the stone. The correct size tip will pick up the stone. The flat tip is used for flat stones that don’t fit into the round tips. Screw in the correct size tip while the applicator is cold!
  • Plug in applicator wand and switch it on. Leave for about 2 minutes.
  • With a stone facing faceted side up, place the tip over the stone and pick it up. Do not press hard, the stone may stick to the surface.
  • Watch the glue till it starts looking wet and shiny. Now the stone is ready to be applied to the surface. It will take 5 seconds and up, depending on the size of the rhinestone or stud.
  • Lightly press the applicator at 90° to the surface. Move the applicator up and away. In case the stone gets stuck in the tip, use a pair of tweezers and push downwards trough the slit in the tip to get the stone out.
  • If the stone hasn’t bonded correctly place the tip over the stone for a couple of seconds to melt the glue again.

Caution: be careful! The applicator and stones will be very hot so do not touch them with your fingers!